Creating beautiful arrangements out of your decorations!

Ever wanted to create a simple but eye catching arrangement made out of beautifully combined decorations.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to arrangements and we love arrangements because they are mini focal points that create instant beauty in your room.

It all comes down to COLOURS, SIZE and PLACEMENT. It’s so simple to do, give it a go!

Keep it simple. Choose a variation of 3 different types of decorations and choose 1 item to be your focal piece.

Use decorations that vary in sizes but similar colour tones or complimentary colours.

And finally, build around your focal piece. You may choose to keep it central or elevate it in height.

Arrangements aren’t hard and they are prettiest if kept simple.

If you’d like some assistance, our fabulous Christmas Crazy staff (at Taren Point and Kirrawee) have a wonderful eye for design and can help you create your perfect arrangement.




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